Health and Safety

FENI Industries is continuously working on improvement of health and safety at work, as part of the overall improvement of the working conditions, that represents important strategy, not only for better safety of the employees but also for positive impact on the productivity. 
In order to implement the requests in connection to Safety at work, deriving from the Law for Health and Safety at work, the Department for Health and Safety at work in our company, regularly and in continuity conducts educational lectures and trainings as for the management team also for the all employees. The employees are expected to respect and follow the given procedures and regulations for work in order to create healthy and safe working environment, in which everybody will be responsible for our own safety and also the safety of our colleagues. 
Important part of the company’s corporative culture is also the general concern for the health of our employees, that is followed by organizing of regular medical checkups in order to follow the physical condition of the employees through Medical Reports.


Health and Safety Index